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LED Throwies

LED Throwies are an inexpensive way to add color to any surface in your neighborhood. A Throwie consists of a lithium battery, a 10mm diffused LED and an optional rare-earth magnet (not included) taped together. Throw it up high and in quantity to impress your friends and city officials. A simple solution for mobile lighting for special occasions, parties, weddings and functions. These batteries typically lasts for 48-72 hours until they run out.

LED Specifications

  • Viewing Angle: 60 Degrees
  • White - 2000mcd @ 3.3v 20mA
  • Blue - 1000mcd @ 3.3v 20mA
  • Red - 800mcd @ 2.0v 20mA
  • Yellow - 800mcd @ 2.0v 20mA
  • Green - 2000mcd @ 3.3v 20mA


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